(Bringing Out Our Knowledge)

BOOK is a book club done the DEFINE way! Each month we will select a book focused on helping you live your best life! We will meet the last Thursday of each month. At each meeting we will have a local/seasonally inspired cooked meal from DEFINE foods. We will provide you with the meal, the book, recipe cards, and wine all to set the tone of bringing out our knowledge. We will be reading books on meditation, healthy living, modern day politics, fiction as well as self-help. BOOK is all about bringing a group of diversified thinkers together and creating common bonds around all things modern and relevant. The Khalil Gibran quote, “A little knowledge that acts, is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.” is the motto of our B.O.O.K. club. Our goal is to start taking action in our lives, in our communities, as well as our global communities to help make the world a healthier and happier place for all.

BOOK Calendar

February – Fit From Within
March – Hot Mess to Mindful Mom
April – 100 Dates 100 Days
May – Perfect Health
June – vote here
July – vote here
August – vote here
September – vote here
October – vote here
November – vote here
December – vote here


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