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Mindful movement, strategic stillness; DEFINE LIVING’s movement and meditation
classes bring out your absolute best.


A class for every body and everybody.


We believe meditation is at the core of all health and wellness.
It gives us an access point to shifting out of feeling overwhelmed into a state of inner peace. 

Many of us are living over scheduled, coffee dependent, fast paced and obsessed with instant gratification lives, disconnecting us from the simplest forms of how we know we feel our best.

Meditation and mindfulness are simply exercises in building awareness of and listening to what is innate within. Getting back in tune with our truest selves allows us to live in the most healthy, creative, happy, productive, and fulfilled lives possible.

Our meditation classes are designed to help bring lives back in balance; to be dynamic and do all of the wonderful things you are meant to do in this world AND to be healthy and strong for the long-haul.

Explore the variety of themed classes we offer to support you in connecting with different parts and elements of your inner being.


Find ease and longevity as you begin your journey into meditation. Forget ‘beginner’s luck’; try start.


Connect with your deepest wants, then put them in action. Access mindful and abundant living, moment by moment.


Peace, calm, ease and flow; find your breath and let it work for you. Breathe life into your absolute best self.


Set your heart (space) on fire with a class dedicated on cultivating more self love; the foundation for loving others, always.


There’s a symphony of sounds available to you to connect inward, and upward. Are you hearing what we’re hearing?


Open your heart, mind and body with a class dedicated to enhancing your meditation through the sense of smell.


Busy parents, it’s time to put yourself first. Find ease and simplicity in a meditation practice to support your beautifully full life.



Meditation and mindfulness knows no age. Classes for kids 5 and up whose results will wow you (and them).



A meditation practice that gets teens out of their phones, and into their breath and body. Known to develop teenage-radness.



It’s said that we have three main layers to our existence: physical body (body), subtle body (mind), and causal body (spirit). Each of these layers plays an equally important role in the health and wellness of the whole person.

In the West we tend to overemphasize the ‘physical body’ when we think of health and wellness. At DEFINE LIVING, we incorporate movement into our programming that’s intended to help the whole person on all levels: body, mind, spirit.

Explore our movement classes below, and experience how complementing meditation classes with mindful movement deepens the experience of inner peace. 


Bring together a conscious breath practice with movement to build strength, length and balance.


Calm your mind and allow the slowing of your breath and body to naturally open your heart and mind.

DEFINE hammock

Length and space in your spine like you’ve never known.

CLASSES start intentions breathe love listen aroma Coming Soon: parents kids teens

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