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Throughout history, there have been many seekers looking for ways to live life in a way that resembles their hearts desires. In all of the years of seeking, why do we seem to be evolving further away from our collective best. Why are we polluting our air, our land, our water with items that are seemingly unnecessary. Why have we become so disconnected from our innate needs that we use a variety of substances from coffee, drugs, alcohol, social media, etc. to try and fill these needs. When looked at closely, all of our issues stem from our disconnection from our spiritual selves. The part of us that is free, open, and full of love. A Course In Miracles states that it is our natural tendency to become rigid without freedom. Yet, the very idea of our spiritual nature is love, which has no boundaries, no limits, and no opposites. Join our weekly A Course In Miracles group as we join together to explore this spiritually transforming book. We approach the book in a spiritual vs. religious context. Our goal is to be open to all interpretations and have the opportunity to reflect and act on the information that we learn. If you are interested in joining our weekly group, please register for our upcoming discussion by clicking on the button below.


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