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we believe in creating the full experience of body and mind health and wellness through all of our services and products.

Whether shopping online or in person, you will feel more centered from simply being around our beautiful retail space.  We hand select all of our provisions to ensure the quality of each product.  As we are hand selecting we look at the social, economic, health, and environmental impacts of each product.  

Our goal is to support local companies that emphasize all natural, environmentally responsible products, so we can mindfully utilize the benefits of each product while resting at ease on how each product got to our home. We believe in a minimalist approach while also covering all of your basic health needs.  You can expect to find fun healthy cooking gadgets, skin care, meditation accessories, food products, hip-zen apparel and jewelry, essential oils, a variety of teas, books, and all things good for the body, mind, and spirit.

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